New York, NY

Located on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, this recently purchased 1,000-square-foot garden apartment was in need of an update after decades without renovation. opa introduced a design strategy to transform the apartment into a modern live-work space for a young finance professional by centralizing storage areas and channeling more natural light into the Central Park West property.
Upon entering, the redesigned main room has been transformed into an open yet intimate living and dining area. At the far end of the room at the sunroom entry, opa developed a curved threshold wet and wine bar to reclaim space without impeding on each room’s original function. Within the sunroom is a secondary lounge space featuring a low, oversized sofa situated across from a custom millwork storage bench/table to showcase art and decor.

Between the sunroom and bedroom, opa installed a new steel-framed ribbed glass panel to bring additional light into the bedroom without sacrificing privacy. Inside the bedroom, a custom wardrobe doubles as an accent wall, complete with integrated night stands and bookshelves to maximize space and storage.

In the kitchen, a rich forest green wall of custom cabinetry contrasts with the Tuscan Super White Stone countertop and backsplash and luxury stainless steel appliances. The fresh color palette is amplified by adjacent mirrors placed strategically to filter terrace lighting into the kitchen and expand the space visually.  

The bathroom was completely redesigned to include a standing marble shower with wall mounted fixtures. opa also incorporated spa-like features to a typically small urban bath, elevating the room to match the rest of the modernized apartment.