Restaurant & Wine Bar/ Brooklyn, NY

Carved into a building constructed in 1901, Denizen is a 1,500 sq. ft. neighborhood restaurant and wine bar in the heart of Williamsburg. Located on the corner of Roebling and North 7th, the restaurant itself is a denizen within the space, in harmony with preserved original materials, including a tin wall and ceiling. The new programmatic spaces are denoted by marble hex tiles of varying scales corresponding to the size of each room.  This play on scale is also exhibited with the lighting. Larger spaces are denoted by larger frosted shades, while smaller, intimate functions are illuminated by smaller frosted bulbs.  All new materials within the space are elemental (i.e. steel, marble, laminate, walnut) to create a visually clean and timeless counterweight to the building's original multifaceted, composite and traditional details.

Photography by Perry Hall