Brooklyn, NY

A young, artist/musician couple enlisted us to reimagine their recently purchased 2,250-square-foot townhouse into an environment which would foster their creativity. Located on the waterfront of The Red Hook neighborhood in Brooklyn and originally an early 20th century carriage house, we inserted strategic natural lighting solutions and custom architectural design details throughout the space.  

We updated the original carriage entry into a motorcycle garage and mudroom featuring cement tile walls and a terrazzo tiled floor.  A new walkable skylight illuminates the room, doubling as a lighting fixture.  Through the entry and up a custom John Hejduk-inspired steel staircase clad in whitewashed white oak treads, the floating music studio/DJ loft strategically provides a separation between public and private.  On one side the loft provides views to the street, allowing for interaction with the public. On the other side, the loft allows for performances into the private living space below. Within the studio, insulated soundproof windows, color programmable lighting and tailored sound attenuating millwork create the perfect environment for our client to stream live performances.  Further into the home, a collage of materials in the fully renovated guest bathroom achieve a dramatic space in the small footprint — a reflective black acrylic ceiling, in juxtaposition with a matte black marble floor, bisected by a frameless, curbless glass shower. The space is illuminated with vintage Art Deco lighting mounted against utilitarian subway tile.

The completely redesigned master bathroom features marble mosaic tile that cascades upward into a bath cove with LED lighting and brass trim details; a vintage dim sconce reinforces the luxurious, moody aesthetic. Drop-in tub trim, niche shelving, window trim and vanity are all cut from a single Lilac marble slab and complimented with un-lacquered brass for a pop of color against the white marble.

Photography by Perry Hall